Hi, my name is Jeremy Michæl Skjevling. I own Alchemy Academy and Monactor. We teach courses and build tools to help people hone their art, master their tech, and stay inspired.


I'm also the creator of the graphic novel Dreamstayers, and the human behind the music of Truck and Middle Room, as well as a co-member of Fear of Colossus and Cst. Lobb. Past musical projects include Traceroot and Sheriff Lowbrow among others.

If you've looked around here at all, you might be able to guess that I have a hard time sitting still. This website serves as a collection point for all the projects I'm involved with, past, present, and future. It is also the soap box I stand upon when musing about life, the universe, and everything.


Below are all the relevant links I can think of that are in some way an extension of my time and energy.

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* (looks sad because all my activity for the past ​year and a half has been here)​

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