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Analog Storytime - Episode 4

Sometime a week or two after the pandemic hit, Ross Fish at Moffenzeef was (quite literally) pouting on Instagram about his sales being at an all-time low. And since I like the idea of noisy, broken drum machines, and I appreciate the overall ethos of his company, I decided to help out by purchasing one of his Moffenskiffs.

It consists of three Muskrat modules, a Kriket, a Deviant random voltage generator, and a black edition Moffenmix. It also included the expansion chips for the Muskrat/MSG. All-in-all a worthy purchase for cacophonous noise.

This is a jam I did to highlight the skiff. It uses the Moffenskiff, the Drumbrute Impact, and an occasional random beat from the Analog Rytm. The whole thing is intentionally blown to hell, hence the name.

The TipTop Circadian Rhythms is sequencing the modules. Everything is MIDI time synced via my laptop. And that's about all there is to know.

More soon...


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