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Analog Storytime - Episode 3

I'm writing this post a bit after the fact.

At this point we're all well into the global lockdown and shelter-in-place laws to avoid the spread of coronavirus. When I made the above video on March 15th, however, we had only just received some initial recommendations against socialization and gatherings here in Philadelphia; avoiding travel, staying home, etc.

It was definitely a moment of high uncertainty, and there was a heavy feeling to it. I wanted to attempt to capture that in a modular patch or performance of some kind, though that wasn't the initial reason for this piece.

This patch actually just started out as an experiment with Wogglebug sample patches from the manual. Specifically the Basic Random Sequencing example. I tweaked some settings and expanded on it a bit, and that became the basis for the slow bass tone and static background noise in this piece.

Then I ran guitar through a signal path that mostly consisted of Morphagene and modulated some parameters to create the glitchy sequence that happens behind the live guitar.

The result is a rather somber improvisation that felt pretty fitting for the gravitas of the impending global conditions.

More soon...


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