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Disting MK4 Firmware 4.14 Update

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Expert Sleepers snuck out an update to their multi-function module's firmware again last week, and it's worth the upgrade.

Hey y'all. I'm a couple days late to the party on this, but just wanted to note that Expert Sleepers released yet another firmware upgrade for the Disting MK4 last week.

The new version is 4.14 and has a number of feature additions including a Pulsar VCO, a switch algorithm, slew parameters for the dual sample and hold, and upgrades to the MIDI clock algorithm.

You can access the download and manual here. I've got two of these modules in my rig (one pictured above), and I love how actively they're continuing to develop the firmware. Especially that they're still managing to add features with 105 algorithms and appear to still have more to come (can't think of any other reason why M-7, M-8, N-2, N-3, N-4, N-6, and N-7 would be missing).

I'll post more info on the new additions once I've had some time to play with them a bit.

Cheers for now.


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