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Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Music for a rainy day.

Cell division, source unknown
I'm not actually sure what the source of this photo is, but it's the only photo on this site that I did not create myself. I would credit the creator if I could! I'm also not sure why I chose it as the cover art for this track, but it felt appropriate.

Paris is a pretty inspiring city.

While I was there recently, I found myself rained in at my AirBnb for a whole day, and with the time I had, I decided to compose a track. I gave myself the challenge of making something sparse and finishing it in a day.

To my surprise I actually managed to complete it. I will eventually be taking another stab at the instrumentation because I find the snare choice particularly irritating after a time, but for such a quick effort, I'm pretty pleased with the results.

For a good period of time I had what is essentially the French version of CSPAN on in the background, and I wound up sampling audio from the room and running it behind everything in the background. This is what you hear in the latter portion of the track once everything else drops out. You can also hear me whistling and stirring a cup of coffee at one point. It's all a single take that I captured before the track was complete using my Zoom H4n as a stereo field mic straight into Ableton.

Below is the finished track, unmastered. If you're reading this, I'm assuming you're here to listen, so have at it!


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